Happy New Year from Horace & Abigail

Well, another year has drawn to a close. In the Tilted Windmills household, 2018 was full of late nights studying, early morning dog-walks, weekend coffee dates, and exploratory ventures along Calgary’s Bow River. Athena and Lola, with furniture in tow, made the big move from BC to Alberta in late July to join me as I enter the final year of my MSW program. The move was no small feat, and one that tested our mettle but that we managed with flying colours, thanks in large part to Athena’s most excellent organizational skills.

It has certainly been a year of surprises, challenges, and adventure – and continued growth! Can’t wait to enter 2019 with my two favourite persons next to me. Looking forward to my Master’s graduation and a somewhat Tilted Windmills inspired art exhibit for Athena — more details about this to follow at a later date! 😉

To each and everyone, wishing you a 2019 that exceeds your wildest expectations in the best possible way. May you spend it living, loving, laughing and always learning.

Happy holidays!

Stefan (with Athena and Lola nearby)