Stefan De Villiers, photo credit Lulu ZylStefan is the co-founder of Tilted Windmills and a youth worker, working with vulnerable and street-entrenched youth in Vancouver, BC. He is passionate about advocating on behalf of those who society has tossed aside, especially those who, like him, fall somewhere along the LBTQQIA rainbow. As a trans man Stefan has faced his fair share of obstacles to becoming the man he is today. He knows firsthand how difficult it can be to come out to family members and friends, and make your way in a world that so often puts barriers in your way. He knows the challenge of navigating an unfriendly social, health, and legal landscape, and how hard it is to find love that truly accepts you for all that that you are.

Stefan strongly believes that every young person deserves to be nurtured and supported as they sort out how they want to show up in the world. Having wrestled with depression and anxiety for much of his early life, Stefan is particularly passionate about empowering those who struggle with mental illnesses to see their own value and to recognize that they, too, deserve to be here, and that they have much to contribute to society.

Stefan's Articles

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