Horace & Abigail wish you happy holidays!

Horace and Abigail Christmas card 2017

Dear friends,

Don’t know about you, but around here, 2017 came with many surprises, challenges, and memorable moments. Some of those memorable moments included my acceptance into the Master’s of Social Work program at University of Calgary, and Athena participating in her first two art gallery showings in Vancouver, both of them a rousing success. Lola, our furry four-legged partner-in-life, had a healthy year of belly rubs, and chasing squirrels.

The upcoming 2018 promises some big moments too, with Athena and Lola to join me in Calgary in the fall, as I enter my final year of graduate school. Until then, we are stuck in separate cities, an experience Horace and Abigail shares in our end-of-year webcomic.

Hoping 2018 is a year of laughter, love, and light, for you and your dearly beloveds.

Happy Holidays!