WEBCOMIC: Our First Calgary Winter

Horace & Abigail's first Calgary winter
ATHENA: You know, once I’ve bundled up in my hoodie, knee-length parka, two layers of pants, two pairs of socks and these giant mitts, Lola’s morning walks really aren’t all that bad–

STEFAN: Winter is coming.

And yes, we’re “Game of Thrones” fans. In fact, I’d say that watching our way through the entire HBO series thus far has played a fairly significant role in our courtship.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the beauty in this milder, chilly prelude to the deep, dire Calgary winter that everyone seems to insist on warning me about.


Winter in Calgary

WEBCOMIC: We’re Going to Calgary

Yes, at the beginning of August we really did make our big move from Vancouver to Calgary and it seemed only right that our tortoise and mouse counterparts ought to do the same. We have no doubt that their adventure in this new city will be filled with surprises, challenges and laughs along the way. Stay tuned!

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Stefan and Athena

The new coat of arms

Horace & Abigail coat of arms

I mentioned to Stefan that, in the midst of all the packing and prep for our big move to Calgary, that I was starting to feel like we were becoming clan of our own about to set off on our epic adventure.⠀

His response: “We need a coat of arms.”⠀

With a prompt like that, how could I possibly resist?⠀

The finished result features our alter egos, Horace and Abigail, from our webcomic. I also wove in some personally relevant symbols from our relationship—and our dog Lola, of course.

Doodle Collabs by Stefan & Athena

One of the many things I love about our relationship is that we aren’t just partners romantically, Stefan and I also really enjoy partnering up creatively. This began back in early 2016 when we co-founded Tilted Windmills and now we’re experimenting in the visual realm by combining Stefan’s stream of conscious patterning, (aka “doodles”), with my love of light, texture and colour.

When he’s home, I’ll find these patterns drawn on napkins or the back of grocery lists—all over the place—and they always make me smile. Now, with him being away in Calgary, we thought this would be a fun way for us to create something together even though we’re apart.

Here are a few of the collaborations we’ve created so far.