Bi-Gender Butterfly

Nature is a remarkable thing. Take the phenomenon of “gynandromorphism,” which is where an organism is born with both male and female elements. It can be seen the [...]

Freedom of expression and gender identity: Rights in conflict?

In September 2016, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Jordan B Peterson, caused a firestorm by stating in a series of youtube videos his opposition to a [...]

PODCAST: Introducing “Horace & Abigail”

Tilted Windmills, the podcast has arrived. Listen to the inaugural Tilted Windmills podcast episode, in which I interview Athena Cooper, co-creator of the Tilted Windmills [...]

Learning to “THEY”: Embracing the gender neutral pronoun

Our latest T-shirt design is a simple challenge to the way we speak. The third person “they” has become a pronoun of choice for many who embrace an identity [...]